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Pasta Giulietta

O ur team has started to work on production as a representative of Italian Food Art which is ongoing by Italian culture for many years.

The whole production line has been established by Italian engineers and all the training of the team has been given by the Italian chefs. Real vegetables and fresh eggs are used in the products.


All of our products are portioned as ready for home consumption and has taken place on shelves as a ready to cook product by cooking in boiled water for only 4 minutes Besides, our products are produced frozen for horeca channel . Our product, which has all quality certifications, is exhibited in the fresh product categories of exclusive retailers only. As well as being a healthy alternative for all individuals, it is a very important food source because it is highly nutiritous for children due to fresh vegetable content and it contains high protein for the athletes .

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In the fresh and special home made pasta products;

Highest quality,
Most reliable,
Most delicious,
Most innovative,

And called as UNIQUE LOCAL PRODUCED pasta that uses Italy's most special recipes and new technology.

The responsibility of Pasta Guilietta is to provide environmental, social and economic continuous improvement at every point in the world where it sells its products, in order to create a better tomorrow starting from today. In this regard, to make Pasta Giulietta a truly sustainable company is the roof of our vision by focusing on protecting the environment and making activities that benefit society and human health. In this direction, our light is more than 20 years of experience of our group.