Legend of Pasta in Turkey

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October 23, 2018

Legend of Pasta in Turkey

Legend of Italian Fresh Pasta is now in Turkey

Pasta Giulietta is a very special brand that has been established by a team that has been focused on Italian culture for many years. As everyone knows, Italy is the most important company about pasta production and they are the largest producer in the world. Pasta Giulietta brand created by inspiring from William Shakespeare's world-famous Romeo & Juliet story. It will take place in Turkey from now on with it’s innovative, delicious and nutritional tastes that prepared by the special recipes from Italy. Also with the production facility in İzmir, it will be significant Turkish player for export.

Tuğçe Işıldak, the plant's production manager and food engineer, summarized the attention to 2 issues as the working principle:

“Our most important feature is to make fresh pasta. All of the fillings are prepared with fresh vegetables by us, in our own facilities. The meat and cheese we use is completely in accordance with the Italian recipes and quality. They are even produced from products specially prepared for us. Our aim is to produce the pasta in a correct way in our country and explain to Turkish consumers how this product is healthy and nutritious. Annual pasta consumption in Italy is about 30 kg. But only 6 kg in our country. We want our people to enjoy this product when consuming and to be happy when they try this product with different tastes. For this reason we have decided to produce in Turkey. We have all modern equipment about this. We have a production and input control procedure in compliance with world standards. We are confident that all consumers looking at the taste of our products, will confirm our difference in a short time. It is very exciting to start this business in our own country with a young and dynamic organization. It is extremely excited for us to be the representative in Turkey of Italian Food Art and deliver these products as “Made in Turkey” products by using our own raw materials. The company's priority market was designated as the region of the Arab Peninsula, which we call GCC countries. We know that especially products with pumpkin, eggplant, mushroom and seafood are preferred in this region. This new facility in Izmir, which is preparing to produce filled products for large chain markets in the region, has started to work as of the end of April. The facility has been designed according to provide flexibility to consumers and retail chains for their special demands and ingredients about product. In other words, all types of pasta are planned to be produced in packages of 250 g to 5 kg if desired. In addition, all products can be produced to be fresh (as sold in a cabinet at +4 degrees) or frozen (-18 degrees). Therefore, this flexibility in Pasta Giulietta facilities will provide great comfort for the sales points in the domestic market, especially in the EDT / Horeca channel.”

Sales of products is being undertaken by Turkey's new distribution company G & M Food Service.. Sales Director of the company Mr Harun Aydin has explained that; for the first year, they will create many consumption points of Pasta Giulietta in Aegean costs. He stated that all of the marketing activities were prepared by their offices in Parma and Istanbul, and that they would be in the field as of May primarily through G & M Food Service customers and sub distributors. The company's sales team, who plans to make special menu works for all the restaurants / cafes / hotels and similar businesses that take these products to the menu, says that they have been successful in all the tastings done so far and they are very excited.

Veli Görkem İnceoğlu, Business Development Director of the group bringing this important facility and project to our country, highlighted the contribution of the project to export. Görkem İnceoğlu explained that; the most important reason of the low level of consumption in Turkey when compared to Italy, is the pasta in Turkish culture is not the main dish, it is consumed like complementary dish and he added: “Our most important goal is not to make a lot of production, but to introduce Turkish and world consumers with quality products. Italy is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to pasta and they are the world's largest producer. However, Turkish producers may be the world's largest exporter if there are no obstacles in exports. Our country has a production capacity of more than 1.2 million tons. Our target as Pasta Giulietta is very clear: We want to grow by combining high quality recipe, high technology and Turkish raw materials. The responsibility of Pasta Guilietta is to provide environmental, social and economic continuous improvement at every point in the world where it sells its products, in order to create a better tomorrow starting from today. In this regard, to make Pasta Giulietta a truly sustainable company is the roof of our vision by focusing on protecting the environment and making activities that benefit society and human health. In this direction, our light is more than 20 years of experience of our group.”

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