“Consumers will love Pasta Giulietta”

INC Group “Becoming honour of Turkey in food sector”
October 23, 2018

“Consumers will love Pasta Giulietta”


INC Group, becoming honour of Turkey in food sector.

Italian-style fresh pasta is a product consumed pleasantly in every country in the world. With the Pasta Giulietta brand which was created in Italy and started production in our country, INC Group has started a very important project.

INC Group has combined the fresh vegetables of our country with Italian style Ravioli and Tortellini pasta products. The contents of the products have the most unthinkable taste when the “pasta consumption” considered. For example, many vegetables such as pumpkins, artichokes and eggplants are completely fresh in the product. The company has achieved a highly successful result from all the tests carried out following this innovative initiative and is currently manufacturing to leading retailers in countries such as the UK, Scotland, and the United Arab Emirates.

In order to introduce this concept in the Turkish market, a special study has been started with a retail chain. The products will be sold fresh on the shelf, and will also be sold frozen in the same chain for the consumers who want to keep them at home.

Gökhan Inceoglu, CEO of Group, stated that they have all production and quality certificates. We talked with Mr İnceoğlu about the reasons of developing this concept rather than comparing the consumption quantities between Italy and Turkey. In this respect, Gökhan İnceoğlu started by explaining why Italian cuisine is so valuable in the world. İnceoğlu, "Of course there are big differences between Italian cuisine and Turkish cuisine. We have everything in our culture and we have a very delicious cuisine but unfortunately the only known dish in the world is the Turkish Döner. But Italians have extremely well marketed two simple products - pizza and pasta - and made into world food. In large cities, it is very standard to pay 25-30 Euro for one portion hand-made pasta in the stylish Italian restaurants. We combined the fresh vegetable power of Turkish cuisine with this Italian specialty of pasta. And we have developed a concept not only for the palate but also for a healthy diet. People of all ages consume our product in a healthy way. In other words, anyone who has accepted a Mediterranean diet can easily consume this product for a healthy development. Because our product is produced completely fresh, and is offered to consumer with only fresh egg and fresh vegetables with no added contribution. A child who never eats artichokes consumes this product easily. This is a very important material for mothers" he said.

Pasta Giulietta will reach consumers in this concept with 2 ways in Turkey. First of all, you will be able to see in the menu of many restaurants, in order to this, we will reach wide distribution together with the distribution system that serves for horeca channel. The other channel is to reach consumers with our retailers. The group has adopted the principle of "selling from the appropriate point" instead of "widespread distribution" in this regard. For this reason, 250 gr. products will be offered to the consumer with shelf life of 3 weeks in point of sale. This portion was calculated as a highly nutritious dinner for a family of 2 persons. Also at the same points, the consumer will be able to buy the product frozen and store it in the refrigerator for 18 months.

Group has G&M Food Distribution Company for general distribution of the products in Turkey. This distribution company based in Izmir, has began to work in order to organize the distribution in all around Turkey with the sub-distributors.

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